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Migrating a repository from Subversion to Fossil

Fossil is able to import and export from Git so first we migrate our subversion repository to Git.

svn2git is a tiny utility for migrating projects from Subversion to Git while keeping the trunk, branches and tags where they should be. It uses git-svn to clone an svn repository and does some clean-up to make sure branches and tags are imported in a meaningful way, and that the code checked into master ends up being what's currently in your svn trunk rather than whichever svn branch your last commit was in.

First we install svn2git as follows:

apt-get install git-core git-svn ruby rubygems

gem install svn2git

Next migrate the repos - ours at OD are not standard layout as they have no trunk, branches, or tags at the root level of the repo, the root level of the OD repos are equivalent to the trunk and there are no tags or branches. So we use the --rootistrunk switch in our Git import command as follows:

svn2git svn+ssh:// --rootistrunk

Then import the Git repository into Fossil,

git fast-export --all | fossil import --git tools.fossil