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Procedure.svg Install a SugarCRM
Organic Design procedure

Go through the Download Wizard. Everything is quite self-explanatory except for the initial question which should be set to "Community Edition", and make sure you select "yes" when it asks if you already have Apache, PHP and MySQL. The wizard results in a link to the current version to download.

Shell in to the server and wget the download and unzip it, rename it to an appropriate name (such as the clients company name) and place it in /var/www/domains. The files should be mode 755 and owned by www-data, eg:

chmod -R 755 company-abc-crm
chown -R www-data:www-data company-abc-crm

A virtual host rewrite rule is needed to map a sub-domain (probably to the new installation files, see Set up a new domain name for details.

The web-based install can now be run by going to the sub-domain in a browser. Again everything is pretty self-explanatory, except that the host setting is set to the domain name but should be changed to localhost. The database user should be the same as all the wiki's which on the main server is bender.


SugarCRM has a wizard to tell you the best file to upgrade with

Find out what version you are by starting SugarCRM and navigating to About.

Download the recommended file.

In SugarCRM, go About - Upgrade Wizard. Follow the install procedure, browsing to the file you just downloaded when asked.

When the upgrade is complete About will show the new version.

Test the install to ensure continued functionality.