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Procedure.svg Install and Configure Flagged Revisions
Organic Design procedure


Download and install the extension following the instructions on the FlaggedRevs extension page. This also describes the functionality of the extension as well as its API.

Remember to update.php afterwards or your wiki will turn into an SQL error message.

Go to Special:UserRights and make sysops an Editor and Reviewer.

Decide whether you want to make the stable version the one that is seen by non-moderators, the setting is $wgFlaggedRevsOverride=true

Testing FlaggedRevs

You may wish to set up some test users to make sure the extension is working.

Go to Special:UserRights and make whatever test users you like into Editors or Reviewers.

Test by writing an article as a user and trying to flag revisions with your test users.

Using FlaggedRevs

Go to Special:UserRights and make suitable users into Editors or Reviewers.

The instructions for approving pages are at Approving pages

Special Pages

The console function within FlaggedRevs is implemented using the following special pages:

  • Special:UserRights - set up your moderators here.
  • Special:UnreviewedPages - list of pages that have not yet been reviewed, for Editors only.
  • Special:Stableversions - list out all of the reviewed revisions for a certain page or view reviewed revisions.
  • Special:OldReviewedpages - list of pages that have been reviewed, but have edits pending. This is for Editors only.
  • Special:Reviewedpages - list of reviewed pages at the main review levels

There are also several log pages, see the FlaggedRevs extension page.

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