Lead by Example

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People of all religions have to investigate and model the true meaning of their scriptures so that they can all understand them, not just the scholars and priests. The same goes for science too, our current understanding must be accessible to lead to real progress in society.

No serious organisation in the world would consider working without a system in place. Such systems are essential for the day to day running of the organisation. Easily understood reports are always available allowing observation of the system as a whole and of its various parts and aspects. (see also Geoscope)

If religions, science and governments expect to be taken seriously as organisations, then they need to show us clearly what they're saying in terms of organisation. How can we be expected to follow directions when we can't read the map. Currently we can see no order, just disconnected obsfucated statistics.

No wonder most businesses and organisations struggle and fail. We don't realise the need for a proper system, because we don't see our leaders doing things that way. We think that disorganisation, arguments and lies are the norm because that's all we see them doing. Surely if there was a better way, their advanced technology and huge resources would have found it?

Actually it's never been lost, it's just that it goes through cycles of being more and less widely known under different names and throughout different cultures and ages. The chaos and suffering of deviation from this way gains much momentum over time, but also drives the incentive to implement it again.