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Introduction to Liberty Villages by Clay Douglas


Years ago I came to the conclusion that an honest media was needed to keep us informed and moving in the right direction. They tried and succeeded in taking out the Free American Magazine that was being distributed in Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and more and almost took my life.

I thought this neatly arranged accident was because I had blown the whistle on the CIA’s drug dealing, the Jewish Lightning that took down the twin towers and my continuing assault on the Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund’s looting of Americans! But in retrospect I believe it was my promotion of my Liberty Village concept. They were successful in damping my enthusiasm for a time, after losing everything I loved, my family, my businesses and my motorcycle. I retreated and tried to regroup.

Now the launch of the first Liberty Villages is near. We have land located that is in a very scenic and strategic location in the Northwest U.S. Participants have a choice of dwellings, from Teepees, Yurts or cabins. All structures on the properties would be energy self-sufficient and sell power back to the utilities. We have to do this WITHOUT begging for money from the banksters we have always opposed. They are the reason a million of Americans are homeless today! I know you would like to stay below the radar, but some of us must stand up and be vocal to inform the rest lost in their boob tube! The war on Patriots and our Veterans is now heating up. Indiana just passed a law making it illegal to resist an illegal entry by a police officer, shortly before Tucson police gunned down the Marine Veteran! The attacks by the FDA on organic farmers operating alone are increasing. I designed Liberty Villages to be self supporting, connected nationwide by the internet and to provide shelter for our veterans and, in turn, they would be there to protect us as things keep getting progressively worse.

  • Each “Village” would have a Liberty Garden providing the inhabitants and guests with organic vegetables.
  • Each Village would provide food and shelter for homeless Veterans in return for their labor, support and defense if ever needed.
  • Each rural Village would operate a Restaurant and Gift shop.
  • Each Village would create or distribute the energy devices they use to remain Independent of the Power companies.
  • Each Villager would be a member of a co-op club that would allow them to buy essentials and staples at wholesale plus 10%.
  • Each Village would strive to set an example for the rest of America!
  • The Liberty Village concept is adaptable to every small town or city block where residents are willing to work together to maintain Liberty and Independence.

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