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A basic live CD is now available for Peerix.


  • Linux kernel 2.6.18
  • Busybox
  • Small set of standard GNU tools
  • Framebuffer support with SDL
  • DHCP client
  • SSH tools (Dropbear)

Supported platforms

  • PC - 686 onwards
  • Mac - Intel Macs (internal camera)
  • Testing feedback here

Booting from USB in Windows


  • Burn the image onto the CD/CDR/DVD/DVDR (see how to create boot CD)
  • Put it into the computer's optical drive
  • PC - Start up the computer
  • Mac - Hold the C key while powering on the machine.


  • Intel CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • Reasonably modern video card (VESA/VBE)


  • The live CD does not a present incorporate the Peerd software or the latest additions to the Interface. It is proof of concept at this stage.


If, after a few seconds you do not see a picture on your screen, and see instead the Windows or Linux desktop, it is likely that the BIOS is not set to boot from CD. To fix this, press the BIOS menu key on startup. On the PC this will probably be the Delete key or an F-key such as F10 or F3. Look for a message saying somthing like Press F3 to enter setup menu. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Feedback for various platforms can be maintained in the Testing article.

Root console

  • Use the usual Ctrl-Alt-F1 , Ctrl-Alt-F2 to switch between the framebuffer and the console.
  • The system is single user with the password root


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