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What the hell are logs even used for anyway? many people ask, well here's something I need to know a lot which uses them, what if you have number like 32 and you want to know what you would raise 2 to the power of to get it? Here's how you would find out in the JS console:

Math.log( 32 ) / Math.log( 2 )
// Result: 5

A real-world example of this might be to find out how many bits of entropy a large base 10 number is for example if we had a twelve word crypto seed, each word from the list of 2048 possible words giving 2048^12 possible sequences, what is that in base two?

Math.log( 2048 ** 12 ) / Math.log( 2 )
// Result: 132

If you wanted to know the opposite, what number raised to the power of 5 yields 32?

Math.exp( Math.log( 32 ) / 5 )
// Result: 2