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Procedure.svg Migrate an existing site or organisation
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The plan is to set up a procedure that builds the new organisation from the current set up. This should include a content migration mechanism. The client can then see the final result of the intended migration and ensure that the result is complete and functional. Some aspects will require manual repair which in some cases is best left until the actual process has taken place, all such items should be noted and listed beforehand.

Create ontology

All of the current environment needs to be coherently mapped so that the migration process doesn't miss anything out.

Create target environment

Establish migration worklow

Test migration

This phase involves running through the migration workflow and making the result available under a test domain. The post-migration work can then be established and problems fed back into the migration workflow ready for the next test iteration.

Actual migration

When the test environment and post-migration manual workload is acceptable to the admin members:

  • the current site is locked to read-only
  • the content migration is run so that the target is current
  • the post-migration manual workflow is run through by the necessary roles
  • the domain is moved over

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