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Movim is an open decentralised social network based on a XMPP, a popular open protocol, available in many languages.

Decentralized Technology

Our philosophy is that your data is yours and you should always be in control. Movim achieves this through a complete decentralization of user data and accounts.

Movim keeps you in touch with family and friends, even if they are on a different server. Your data will follow you on any Movim node you use.

A technology for everyone to rule

Movim is based on the business class of the XMPP protocol. With Movim, you will never be blocked (a) by any vendor, your contacts in Gmail ® and Facebook ® are available, and even WLM ®, Yahoo ®, and many others.

The Movim platform integrates everything you need to connect to your favorite XMPP server and communicate freely.

We proudly use JAXL, the powerful XMPP library for PHP.


Movim uses only free software and open source that respects the fundamental philosophy of the Internet (privacy, freedom and neutrality).

Movim is free software, licensed under AGPLv3 except for one component in LGPLv3 and GNU FDL for documentation.

Movim and community are dedicated to promoting ethics and ideals of Free Software.

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