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Green Butter

You need 5 cups water, 100 grams of Leaf, (don't use shade leaves) 2 cups Butter, Throw it all in a big pan, bring to boil, cover, and simmer for about 2 hours. Strain it with strainer, KEEP LIQUID. Press the leftovers in strainer, pour 2 cups boiling water strainer, Press again, Cool liquid, put into fridge. Now when the butter has set, lift it off the top of the liquid, store butter in air tight container in fridge, throw liquid out.

Green Flour

You need to have very dry buds, (microwave them for 30 secs if need too), put them into a coffee grinder or blender, whizz. Don't loose the fine white powder, that's the main stuff you want to keep. Store in sealed container in fridge.

Green Alcohol

To make a really potent brew, take a 750ml bottle of whiskey, vodka, rum, whatever, and mix in 30 - 60 grams of leaf. Stick the top back on and let it sit for 2 or 3 days. Strain out the leaf and press it to get all the grog out. Pour the liquid through the leaf again and press. Chuck the leaves, be careful with the grog. This will provide up to 50 doses to knock your socks off. Be careful where you chuck the leaves, I would hate it if your pet or any animals ate the leaves.

Great now you know how to make butter & flour & alcohol dope mix, you can have these ready to cook with. Eating dope is better for you than smoking. It takes longer to get in but lasts longer, so wait at least 20 minutes after eating dope food.

Yoyo Biscuits

This uses a lot of butter, so any recipes with a lot of butter will be great.  :)

  • 4 T dope butter,
  • 2 T icing sugar,
  • 2 T custard Powder,
  • 1/2 cup S. R flour,

Cream (mix) butter and icing sugar together, then just sift custard powder and flour over and mix with finger tips, roll into little balls and place on a greased tray, lightly press down on each one with a fork to spread them out just a bit. Bake in pre-heated moderate oven for 20 minutes. Please be warned only eat one at a time, 2 might be too many.