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I'm maintaining a very old Windows 95 version of Family Origins version 10. It runs ok in the Wine environment, but has some difficult problems with images. If it can't find them at the path specified in the file, then it crashes without telling the path it could find.

I used UltraEdit to search the Program Files/Family Origins folder (where it by default stores family tree files it's currently working on). I searched for "Pictures" doing "find in files" and it found a list of picture paths in a data file with the .FPT file extensions. This showed that there were many different paths it was expecting the pictures to be found at:

  • C:\My Documents\Pictures
  • C:\My Documents\Genealogy
  • C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Geneology
  • C:\Documents and Settings\Zenia Dunkley\My Documents\Pictures
  • Z:\home\zenia\Documents\Geneology

I Put all the genealogy photos into one real location /home/zenia/Pictures/genealogy and made sure all the other paths existed in the Wine "Browse drive C" structure and made symlinks from them to the real location. I also had to create the Z drive in the Wine configuration and make it "drive_z" in the same place as Drive C and did the same.