Nodal diagrams

From Organic Design
Notes for Jack and Aran to do whiteboard on re Nodal Reduction and higher cycles

Until recently the spectral (syncronous, cyclic, harmonic) aspect was considered a higher level of organisation which did't need to be discussed directly because they just part of the event model, but it actually ties in at the level of Nodal Reduction itself because its the means of continuing the rotating reduction of the local nodal tree out to larger scales which are syncronised with other peer's reduction-tree. The higher level nodal-wicker diagram would be the one which could include this aspect.

The higher cycles of seconds, minutes, days, months etc and their various harmonics are already included in the root structure, but they play an important role in the low-level conceptual structure as well. Each cycle is a node which represents a discrete point on the dimension called spectrum. The current-loop associated to each of these cycle-nodes are the processes which occur when it happens, ie they're the listeners of the event. The is achieved by the loop being unhooked from the cycle-node and hooked in to the currently reducing context. The last item in the loop hooks the loop back into the cycle-node, so that each "client" process has begun.