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Organic Design Charter

Organic Design is a group of committed individuals whose purpose is to provide people, communities and businesses with innovative and effective methods of communication and organisation.

We create bottom-up organisational models which provide pathways to independence through knowledge and collaboration.


Our mission is to create open access to the best solutions available and the methods with which to implement them independently providing individual empowerment and facilitating collaborative outcomes.

  • Toward this end, we create innovative organisational frameworks and model organisation systems. We provide the models with the goal of establishing a network of aligned organisations, sharing knowledge and pooling resources, to facilitate the bottom-up development of solutions.

Strategic objectives

Our mission can be sub-divided further into the following objectives we are working toward, for ourselves and all of those we are aligned with:

  • Learning Organisation: To provide methods and tools which facilitate the widespread and bottom-up creation of learning organisations, for productive and harmonious group work.
  • Independence: To develop and maintain the resources and knowledge required to maximise local independence and sovereignty, through the promotion of community developed and owned software and organisational templates.
  • Resilience: To strengthen local community resilience in the face of change, by developing robust organisational procedures and software systems which are resource-efficient and self-contained where possible.
  • Reuse: To reuse existing knowledge where ever possible, by aggregating and connecting existing knowledge and expertise and working to open standards.
  • Utilisation: To aid in the effective utilisation of existing resources, minimising waste and work wherever possible, by fostering the mapping and connecting of all kinds of resources into a unified organisational framework, for the benefit of all.

Vision statement

See OrganicDesign vision for more information.

  • People and organisations acting sustainably in alignment with global core values.
  • Vibrant and independent communities, generating wealth harmoniously and globally interlinked.
  • The creation of a just, peaceful and sovereign society - by the people - for the people.


  • Free, self reliant and empowered to meaningfully contribute to society in the manner of their choice.

Communities & Organisations

  • Taking ownership of their resource requirements and managing them sustainably.
  • Thriving and generating unprecedented potential and wealth from within innovative organisational structures.
  • Operating responsibly within openly defined core values, fully integrated within a resource based global economy.

New Global Paradigm

  • A New Paradigm ensuring representation and voice for all people, cultures and nations operating within a revised financial system based on a universal basic income (UBI) for each person derived from their share of the planetary society's wealth.


See Values for more information.

We conduct ourselves and our endeavours from the following fundamental values that are at the heart of who we are:

  • Awareness: To be conscious of, and maintain vigilance in our actions in relation to human and global perceptions, conditions, and events, and to act without prejudice.
  • The golden rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you and uphold the basic rights and freedoms to which you and all humans are entitled.
  • Self improvement: To foster and nurture self guided improvement on both personal and organisational levels.



A commitment to sharing operational knowledge and an ability to transmit the knowledge of the organisation to those who would benefit from it.


A commitment to creating an ever-more complete description of the organisational structure and its effects on stakeholders.

All Aspects Changeable

A commitment to making every aspect of the organisation easily changeable by stakeholders through open and collaborative processes.

Think Global, Act Local

A commitment to aligning the organisation ever more closely with the needs of the wider community, so that local action can progress global goals.

Self containment

A commitment to ensuring that everything we've developed is in an reusable packaged form such that others can develop, deploy and educate with the system independently.

Our Commitment

  • We commit to be true to our purpose, to operate consistently within our values, to accomplish our mission and to generate an organisation that is in service of all people.

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