Organic Design strategy

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We are pursuing a number of interrelated activities in order to achieve our goals and vision. This page is maintained by the person filling the role of Organic Design Manager. Comments and feedback are welcome on the "talk" page. This page only lists general information and timing. More specific details are available to to people actively engaged in working to the strategy.

Main activity streams

Organic Design system and content

The work to develop the organic design prototype system implementation and the development of core concepts around philosophy, technology and systems, available to the public on the Organic Design wiki. Related documents:

Partner network

We are actively identifying and communicating with suitable partners who share the common vision of Organic Design, who may be able to assist in implementation. We are currently mainly looking for partners to assess our strategy and:

  • Endorse the strategy to add credibility, which assists in attracting funding
  • Suggest improvements to the strategy
  • Assist with development
  • Assist with funding for development

Software development

The work to fund the implementation of the platform specification. We are currently preparing a detailed development roadmap based on the Platform specification which is available to interested parties on request.

Business development

We are currently identifying investment partners to fund development in exchange for our collaboration on development of business opportunities related to the deployment of the Platform network.