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Please refer to Install a new server instead.

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Package: organicdesign-server
Version: 1.19
Section: admin
Priority: optional
Architecture: all
Essential: no
Depends: sudo, build-essential, openssh-server, rsync, unison, ntp, nmap, p7zip-full, bzip2, unzip, subversion,

	exim4-daemon-heavy, dovecot-common, dovecot-imapd, dovecot-pop3d, spamassassin, spamc, maildirsync,

	mysql-server, apache2, libapache2-svn, libapache2-mod-php5,
	htmldoc, librsvg2-bin, imagemagick,
	php5-suhosin, php5-mysql, php5-gd, php5-mcrypt, php5-xsl, php5-curl, php5-sqlite, php5-imap,

	perlmagick, libwww-perl, libnet-dns-perl, libio-socket-ssl-perl, libtimedate-perl,
	libnet-scp-expect-perl, libcrypt-ssleay-perl, libcrypt-cbc-perl, libcrypt-blowfish-perl,
	libnet-xmpp-perl, libnet-imap-simple-ssl-perl, libphp-serialization-perl,

Maintainer: Aran Dunkley []
Description: Installs everything required by an Organic Design server.

Still need to add

  • a2enmod ssl
  • a2enmod rewrite
  • spamassassin config
  • php.ini

Post install script

This package should have a post install script which does the following:

  • collect information such as domain, peername, network, username, firewall, mail
  • if part of a network, replicate from next peer
  • Set up self as a package repo incl. ISO for disk creator and TFTP/BOOTP
  • Set up LAN incl. firewall, DNS, DHCP
  • Set up an irc server
  • set up mail server incl. exim, spamassassin, dovecot, roundcube
  • set up LAMP with ssl, certs and friendly urls
  • create/update /var/www/structure preserving existing wikia functionality
  • create a default local wiki if none exists
  • install a wiki daemon