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We base most of our packages on the GeeXboX media center distribution.

Peerix selection

acx/ audio driver alsa-lib/ Advanced Linux Sound Architecture alsa-utils/ Advanced Linux Sound Architecture alsa/ Advanced Linux Sound Architecture atitvout/ tv out for ATI cards autoplay/ binutils/ compiler utils busybox/ multicall binary ccache/ compiler object cache cdparanoia/ hq cd ripping configtools/ dialog/ text mode menu interface digitools/ djmount/ uPNP client for media sharing and streaming dosfstools/ dvb-apps/ DVB card tools em8300/ extra-codecs-nonfree/ extra-firmwares-nonfree/ fmio/ fm radio control freetype/ font rendering fribidi/ unicode implementation http:/ wiki/ fuse/ file system in userspace gcc-core/ compiler gcc-final/ compiler gcc/ compiler gdb/ gnu debugger genext2fs/ create ext2 filesystem image gettext/ needed by compiler glibc-headers/ c library glibc/ c library i18n-fonts/ internationalisation in the shell i18n-iconv/ internationalisation i18n-keymaps/ internationalisation i18n-texts/ internationalisation i18n/ internationalisation i810tvout/ tv out libiconv/ text encoding iconv-base/ text encoding iconv-extra/ text encoding initrd/ initial ram disk image creation iscd/ is the disk a CD or DVD ivtv/ Hauppage PVR http:/ index.php/ Main_Page jpeg/ jpeg format lcd4linux/ control LCD devices libdts/ dts audio decoding libexif/ photo metadata support libirman/ specific IR remote control support libmpcdec/ audio compression libogg/ ogg audio format libpcd/ kodak photo cd support libpng/ png format libtheora/ video compression http:/ libungif/ read & write uncompressed gif's (avoids LZW patient) libupnp/ upnp network streaming and sharing libvorbis/ vorbis format support linux-headers/ kernel headers linux/ linux kernel sources lirc/ IR remote control support live/ lrmi/ real mode interface to VBE http:/ lrmi/ lrmi/ README?view=markup lzma/ compression algorithm make/ build tool module-init-tools/ mptvscan/ produces tv channel configuration files for mplayer ncurses/ character mode GUI network/ network interface support nvtv/ nvidia tv out pciutils/ pkg-config/ build tool powernowd/ CPU governer http:/ john/ powernowd.html readline/ rt2400/ rt2500/ s3switch/ tv out for s3 cards SDL/ framebuffer support SDL_image/ image format support dep. libpng SDL_mixer/ audio mixing dep. alsa SDL_ttf/ font support dep. freetype sed/ stream editor sleeptimer/ strace/ debugging tool sysfsutils/ interface to / sys syslinux/ i386 bootloader talloc/ better malloc http:/ termcap/ terminal handling http:/ software/ termutils/ manual/ termcap-1.3/ html_chapter/ termcap_2.html#SEC2 tiff/ tiff format support toolchain/ tools-generator/ tvout/ tv out uClibc-headers/ c library uClibc/ c library udev/ dynamic device plugging manager util-linux/ various unix utils (overlaps busybox) http:/ projects/ util-linux/ vesautils/ control vesa video modes wireless_tools/ yaboot/ ppc boot loader zlib/ compression