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Personification is describing an inanimate object or an abstract concept as if it were a sentient being. An example sentence exhibiting personification is "The sun shone brightly down on me as if she were shining for me alone". In religion and spirituality, personification is often applied to aspects of the universe which would usually be considered as being purely mechanistic such as space, time, creation and entropy.

If we consider the possibility that the mechanism which the universe operates in accord with is actually responsible for the perceived content rather than the western perspective of perception being a product of a pre-existing physical universe, then personification is logically valid. In the eastern model, the ultimate reality is perception and the source of perception is the I-ness which all content and aspects of the ultimate mechanism are divided from. This model is actually a synthesis of the mechanistic and the personal.

The project uses personification as well because organisations are thought of as organisms since they're primarily a collection of people. This allows us to develop our systems to operate in harmony with each other and with all other beings by applying to them the same moral and spiritual guidelines that apply to us. Determining these guidelines and mapping them to organisational systems is discussed in more detail in the manifesto.

The perfect interface to our technological systems is a Human being, i.e. we can simply converse with it as if it were one of us rather than having to learn special skills such as computer programming or application usage. In such a perfect interface, every organisation would at least appear to be an individual sentient being with its own form ("avatar") and personality and having a rich spectrum of human circumstance such as current resources, projects, objectives and obstacles etc.

In such a system, it would make logical sense for even the most mechanistic of processes to exhibit this person aspect, since its the most natural interface to use to access any aspect of the system no matter how advanced or how trivial. Generalising this idea further, we could say that any group of beings (entities exhibiting I-ness) who had total mastery over that which they created would choose to endow it with this quality of I-ness as their primary means of interacting with it.