Rosaceae Workshop

From Organic Design

It involved a hands on session where people had to interactively use computers to do computational tasks in the R programming language. What made this workshop interesting was that I delivered it using a MediaWiki installation I had on a local area network server. I chose this approach as I noticed other presenters using powerpoint and then having trouble with interactive session parts involving computer work. By using a wiki all the relevant information was delivered over the web to everyones individual machine, and the dynamic content allowed history and change control. By using the printable version link I could use browser rendering to infinitely scale text information for projector delivery, and make an electronic pdf for attendees.



  • During the delivery I found a typo in one of the scripts, this was easily fixed in the wiki, and with a refresh delivered to everyones machine.


  • Wiki markup was easy to build content from web based resources
  • Graphical content was easy to upload
  • Web based delivery allows anyone to view it on a remote machine
  • Live dynamic history and change control (e.g. fixing typo's)


  • Needed to use the scrolbar during delivery (fixable problem - start Format-Slideshow.php)
  • Rendering rescaling does not rescale images

Example images from the workshop:

File:Rosaceae example.png

File:Rosaceae example2.png