SQLite for iPhone and iPod touch

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How to get sqlLite running on an iPod touch. I'm assuming the same toolchain will work with iPhone as i'm pretty sure they're the same architecture.


Here is an example iPhone / iPod touch package repository designed for use with Installer.app

Here is an example of the access log entry when the iPod connects to the repository.

www7: - - [14/Jan/2008:00:31:59 +1300] "GET /packages HTTP/1.1" 301 247 "-" "CFNetwork/152.4"

Looks like the installer won't follow redirects into a https url so I made it normal http. The iPod's installer looks up the repository and obtains a list of packages based on the xml plists. I learned how to do this from this article.


Watch this video to see how far we have got.

Next steps

  • Set up an ARM toolchain on a Mac
    • Looks like the compiler you need is called arm-apple-darwin-cc
  • Build the SQLite source with the toolchain
  • Package it up
  • Install and test on the iPod
  • Extend the package further to install all necessary MediaWikiLite components
    • PHP5
    • SQLite
    • Whatever web/socket server we decide to use
    • Startup scripts to run the daemon on localhost - Accessable via the browser (not so nice)
  • Design a simplifed native MediaWiki interface for iPhone using Apple's toolbox UI calls (much better)

This is the real Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy!


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