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In nature seeds are packages of potential structure which is activated when in the presence of the right kind of resources. The project tries to replicate this idea by maintaining packages which contain the whole system including the same ability to reproduce and deploy itself.

Self containment allows an organisation to describe, build and maintain other organisations that work using the same principles. The current environment in which our organisations are growing has an abundance of material and energy resource, but is highly inefficient and disorganised. Using the self-containment principle, disorganisation can be instead viewed as a state of high potential for organisation (note that if there were either not much energy, or a lot of organisation, then it would be a state of low potential for organisation).

In natures eyes, an environment that's broken down and fragmented but contains a huge abundance of resource is seen as very rich soil in which to plant seeds. A seed is a package of information which guides the interaction of the energy and material available in the environment its designed for. In an organisational environment, these seeds are procedures describing how to build organisations which amongst other things produce more seeds of themselves.

Seeds which lead to useful, productive, efficient organisations are kept and nurtured, while those that lead to problems are not supported with resource. Bad seeds should be removed from the soil before they grow into large weeds and reduce the quality of life in their local environment.

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