Server migration checklist

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  • Run through the Install a new server and Configure mail server procedure to get the basic settings, packages and security set up on the new server
  • Don't forget php.ini including upload/post-max and check NextCloud is happy
  • Stop the main services on the current server
  • Pack up home, www and etc, export the database, dump the spam rules and send to the new server (best to use scp from the new server to the old to receive the files)
  • Create the users on the new server, remember authorized keys for git user
  • Un-pack the backups and set to the correct ownership
  • Import the database and the spam rules
  • Update the configurations (some such as Exim need to be rebuilt from the new package maintainer’s conf if the versions are different)
  • Note that some files such as .forwards need to be manually copied since they're copied on commit hooks
  • Remember to populate /etc/crontab