Set up a SugarCRM user

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Procedure.svg Set up a SugarCRM user
Organic Design procedure


  • Log in to SugarCRM with admin rights
  • Set up an employee, get at least the first name, surname and email address
"Employees" > "New employee"


  • Set up the new user according to "Firstname Lastname"; password: "firstname123" policy
"Admin" > "User Management"
  • User settings: Check "Notify on Assignment"; "Show gridlines"; "Show Full Name"
  • Locale settings: Select Timezone "Pacific/Auckland"; uncheck "Time zone prompt"
  • User Information: Title = Role; Department = Company;
  • Address information; Calendar options - leave blank
  • Layout Options:
    • Delete all tabs except: "Home, Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities" and arrange in that order.
    • Select "Subpanel Links"
  • Email Options: Use email address from employee profile
  • Click on "Save"

Clean up/ Finish Off

  • Logout of SugarCRM, then login as the new user
  • Customise home dashlets to display "My Leads" and "My Accounts" and "My Top Open Opportunities"
  • Send out welcome email:
Subject: SugarCRM access details

Hi Firstname,

Welcome to the Organic Design SugarCRM. The access URL is as follows:

Login details:

Your user name is: Firstname Lastname
Your password is: firstname123

You can change your password via the "My account" link on the top right.

Please let me know if you have any questions,