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Procedure.svg Set up an internet cafe
Organic Design procedure

In order to achieve it goals OutKafe comprises a number of core components:

  • A server-daemon for counting time down centrally outkafed
  • A management console where you can add time, kick users, define special offers etc. outkafe-admin
  • A number of platform specific clients apps which control login on your terminals including clients for linux and windows
  • A central database server (currently only postgresql is supported)
  • A back-end library to abstract all database work out for ease of maintenance and stability across the various components.ok

Postgresql Configruation

Add an entry to /etc/postgresql/8.3/main/pg_hba.conf to allow plaintext password connections over TCP/IP from any workstations:

host    all         all          password

Set listen_addresses to '*' in /etc/postgresql/8.3/main/postgresql.conf

Create a Postgresql outkafe user and database:

sudo -u postgres createuser -D -A -P outkafe-user
sudo -u postgres createdb -E utf8 -O outkafe-user outkafe

Populate the outkafe database from the outkafe.sql schema file.

sudo -u postgres psql -e outkast < outkafe.sql

Outkafe installation

Under normal circumstances, the installer (download here, or 64bit) can be extracted and executed. This installer will ask for the database username and password which were created above.

Mac install problem

On a Macbook running Ubuntu we had a problem of not being found. To get round this run the installer from shell with the --keep option so that the extracted files remain in a setup directory instead of being deleted, then edit the setup/ file and comment out or delete the following lines: <bash> if ldd $WHERE/files/outkafe | grep "not" ; then ldd $WHERE/files/outkafe | grep "not" >> $WHERE/messages/dep.msg ./installergui message "Missing dependency" $WHERE/messages/dep.msg "outkafe Installer" $WHERE/dyk/dyk1.msg exit fi </bash> We also downloaded a .deb of version 4 of libpq and installed that, but this step may not have been necessary.

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