Seven Principles of Huna

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Serge King, noted author, international speaker, and recognized authority on Huna wisdom, has handed down a concise system for healing based on seven Hawaiian words given to him by his Hawaiian "family". They came from a kupua, or shamanic, lineage and adopted him while in his teens, realizing his potential in the craft. Because of the language barrier, there are no literal English translations of these words, so primary phrases and corollaries are given for better Western understanding. As a painter or musician's work cannot often be put into words, so the beauty and flowing construct of the Hawaiian language is not readily translatable, but more easily felt. They are given here in the spirit of education and perpetuation.

Ike - The World Is What You Think It Is

Truly the cornerstone of all shamanic practice, your world is a reflection of your beliefs. In 1400, for example, everyone in Europe believed the world was flat. Centuries before, they thought the Sun orbited the Earth. For people in those times, those were the undisputed facts. We may think we know it all today, but we know only what we are aware of. The world is what we think. As we change out perception, our awareness, so our world changes as well. This is a particularly important principle for healing. Norman Cousins, the very popular author of Anatomy Of An Illness showed us how "spontaneous remission" could occur by changing one's outlook, or belief of transforming illness to health. Multitudes of examples exist. Think for a moment of important changes that you have made through becoming aware of other options in your life.

A. Everything is a dream

While the world is what you think it is, the shaman goes a step deeper. You are always dreaming. Everything in your awareness is a reflection of you and your beliefs. Memories, nightmares, today's lunch, tomorrow's meeting- all are dreams. You, through your beliefs, literally dream your life into being. But aren't they real? Of course! To the shaman dreams are real and reality is a dream. I like to think of it more as a movie with you being the writer, director and star of the show. This life is your movie, so if it is not as you like it, stand back, rewrite, and perform the new script in harmony with the other actors. (Remember, it's their movie, too.)

B. All systems are arbitrary

Ever see a happy zealot? Me neither. Devoted, insistent, and ardent perhaps, even well intentioned, but not happy. Why? It is because everyone else's world is not what they think it should be. From the ideas that the world is what you think it is and everything is a dream, the shaman understands the individuality of all beings and the infinite possibilities that exist. Healing comes from within the beliefs of the individual, not the healer's (nor anyone else's) concepts or tenets. Truth, then, becomes an individual decision. Regardless of the system you use- and there are thousands out there- ultimate truth and happiness is what you think it is, and it's attainment comes from one, or a blend of, any and all systems that are effective. Needless to say, Huna, too, is a system, yet the understanding of this corollary allows the shaman freedom to work within the framework of the healee to be most effective.

Kala - There Are No Limits

Everything is connected; Anything is possible; Separation is a useful illusion

The Sun sets. For most people that symbolizes the end of another day, chapter of life, or other type of completion. But for the ancient Hawaiians it actually began a new day: the realm of Po, the darkness, the spirit world and the embodiment of creativity. In this state of infinite creativity we realize that there are no limits except those we make for ourselves. No limits. We hear so often that we live in an infinite universe, but how often have we contemplated just exactly what that means? There are no limits. It goes beyond the farthest star and inside the yet undiscovered components of quarks. We are in a place whose center is everywhere. So our dreams have no boundaries as well. Anything is possible.

We also have no limits to our energy fields. We do not end at our skin. It is not difficult to feel someone's love or anger from, say, across a room, or even further. Our field of energy extends as far as our focus will take it, but we'll save that for the next principle. Suffice it to say that we are connected with all things and can at any given moment have communication with them for understanding, enlightenment, healing or any other purpose.

The concept of no limits has been an ancient belief by seers in many cultures, but is now embraced by quantum physicists as well. Scientific hypothesis states that we are connected with all things because everything is energy and we are all made of the same stuff. There is no separation, but different patterns of this energy that make things appear to be separate. Separation is a useful illusion. You're probably thinking that this doesn't make any sense, because your computer is apart from your fingers, which are apart from your chair, which is separate from the floor, etc. And if you look at it from a purely separatist point of view, you have a valid point, indeed. It is very convenient for us to separate objects to rearrange molecular structure to fit our physical needs. That is how we can create our automobiles, dicers, slicers, lights, and all the other useful contraptions in our world. We even separate our fingers from our hands, arms and the rest of the body. Useful for certain reasons, but only separate in our mind's eye. Think about the connections in the universe, physical and spiritual, that you want to make. Separate your world when you find it useful, but feel your connection with it when you desire its cooperation, love and harmony.

Makia: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

You get what you focus on

In the last principle I spoke of all things being connected and the ability you have of communicating with them. All things means just that. Anything from your inner being to the sun, stars, weather, plants and your pets, including your pet rock (if you still have one). How is this dialogue undertaken? By the properties of the third principle, namely energy and focus. Energy flow. Just as a conduit harnesses electricity and allows it to flow in a particular direction, so your thoughts are harnessed and directed by your ability to focus. We have all heard the term "tuned in", which is a way of saying that we are focused on an event, feeling, or phenomenon in our lives. The longer we stay focused on that sensation, the stronger the feeling we receive from it and about it. Thus it is said that energy flows where attention goes. Wherever we focus our attention, energy follows.

This helps us tremendously when we meditate, which, in any of its forms, is sustained focus. Here we find the body relaxed and ready for understanding or direction to change. Problems seem to be resolved easier and connections to other people, places or things become stronger and require less effort. Energy flows more freely and we manifest things more quickly. That's being "tuned in."

Attention flows where energy goes. Then BANG! Right in the middle of your quiet meditative state you hear an explosion outside your window. You are immediately jolted back into your skin (sometimes quite shocking if you've been away for a while), jump up and see what happened. Your attention was suddenly drawn to where the energy was flowing. Since the energy of the bang was stronger than the energy of your quiet meditation, you were drawn to it. The energy could just as easily been the smell of a favorite pie, raindrops falling on your head, or a bright light shining in your eyes. All are energies that affect the senses and, depending on the intensity, will have small or great effects on your body and/or behavior. You, too, have probably been one of these attention-getters by your own influence of energy on your environment.

Everything is energy. I spoke earlier about everything being made of the same stuff. It is nothing new to mystics, shamans, or modern day physicists. It is the movement of the energy that is important to realize. You create your reality by your energy patterns, and through focus and intent can manifest either what you want or what you don't want in your life. The energy is neutral. It goes where you direct it, thus you "get what you focus on." What would you like to bring into your world today?

Manawa: Now Is The Moment Of Power

Everything is relative - Power increases with sensory attention

"Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift. That is why we call it the present." I'm not sure who coined that phrase, but I first heard it from a Deepak Chopra talk. It reiterates what many philosophies have taught throughout the ages, and Huna is among them. Now is the only time you can do anything. This is where your power lies. There is no power in the past, for that is gone. Only the memories that you have of it at this moment exist. This can be a very powerful tool if you choose to use it for changing your outlook, perspective, or interpretation of the past. But any and all of these are made in the present moment.

Dwelling on the past merely weakens you. It can create a state of tension and helplessness. When you say " I could have..." or " I should have done this..." you are in effect, fantasizing in a realm that can have no meaningful productivity and most likely bring dis-ease into your life. If you really think about it, you made the absolute best possible decision that you could have at the time that you made it. Now you can choose to change your ways for future actions, but trust that you did the best you possibly could and let it go.

The future is not yet here. Worrying about it can weaken you as well. You have absolutely no power over it; the best you can do is lay groundwork through plans and goals then expect the best. Why be anxious about tomorrow? You cannot change one hair on your own head. Focus, action and trust in the goodness of what you do today will bring the success and joy you seek. Power increases with sensory attention. What exactly, is going on right now? What are you sensing? How does your body feel? What do you hear? Smell? See? When you eat, do you take the moment to truly taste your meal, or are your thoughts somewhere else? If you were to focus on the senses- just one at a time- quite possibly a whole new living experience would unfold. Imagine feeling the power of the wind on your back, or hearing the harmonious songs of birds in your ear, or smelling the fragrances of flowers, plants, or other pleasant aromas. Sit back and absorb the stimulating and invigorating effects. Your senses are communicating with you constantly, and the more you can be attuned with your body the more effortless your maintenance of health can become.

How does one stay in the present? One takes time to sense and experience the present! It may be playing music, writing, studying, counseling, cooking, or even taking out the trash. As you incorporate the use of your senses and focus, your awareness of the present increases, you feel more relaxed and choices in life become clearer and more meaningful.

Aloha: To Love Is To Be Happy With

Love increases as judgement decreases - Everything is alive, aware and responsive

OK. If you were here on the Islands to see this magnificent sunset, I probably need go no further. But, as Stephen Stills sang so many years ago, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." It is the Aloha Spirit that distinguishes the Path Of The Adventurer. Aloha does not just mean Hello and Goodbye. It means love. My translation of the Hawaiian root words would say that Aloha is to share the breath of life and the spirit of happiness in this experience. So we say that to love is to be happy with.

Oops! This really drives a nail into the folks that think that love has to hurt. Is it love that hurts, or the expectations of what you think the person should be or do that hurts? Perhaps it is the parameters that one puts on the definition of love that allows doubts, fears, and pains into its meaning. If love is unconditional, then personal rules and beliefs define those parameters that are behind the feelings. Jesus did not flinch when he was being betrayed, but told Judas to go and do what he must do. Tristane did not flinch when his love for Isolde meant certain death, but accepted it knowing he could only be happy if she were near. And what of the professional who marries both a career and a spouse? If we love the spouse but not the career, to what degree are we truly happy, and, if not happy, what can be done to harmonize the relationship?

Love increases as judgement decreases. Sometimes the simplest of rules are the hardest to follow. "Judge not and ye shall not be judged." Why? One very good reason is that criticism in any negative form weakens you. The world is founded on love, so naturally its opposite will alienate a person as well as restrict one's energy. This occurs when you criticize others as well as when you criticize yourself. Your body is connected with all things and can feel the criticism as it comes in and as it goes out. Try it yourself. Think of something or someone you are unhappy with and say out loud "I don't like that!" Now think of something that really pleases you and say out loud, "I like that!" Feel the difference? The idea here is to appreciate and praise more. You then, because of the third principle, will attract more love into your life and, because of this principle, you will maintain health and strength.

Everything is alive, aware and responsive. Yes, everything. Perhaps we don't notice the movement of a rock or hear the voices of trees and plants, but they have levels of awareness as do we humans. If we see everything as energy and connected, this corollary can "come to life." In my shamanic workshops I help people communicate with the elements, as they not only have much to tell us, but can help facilitate healing as well.

Many cultures find sacred the plants, animals, power spots, wind, and other elements of their respective areas. When you can work with Nature instead of seeing it as separate, a whole new awareness of life and love can unfold. Take a few moments today or tomorrow and talk with a tree, or listen to the wind, or notice any animals that appear during the day. You may be surprised at what you will learn.

Mana: All Power Comes From Within

Everything has power - Power comes from authority

Just as lightning bolts display an inner authority and power of Nature, so man, as being a part of Nature, also has inner power. In this principle it is said that all things have power. Stones have power. Just try to put your hand through one. Plants have power. They can either have nourishing or poisonous effects on their consumers. We have seen the powers of fire, wind, animals and water almost every day. What about the power in ourselves?

All power comes from within. People have no power over you unless you give it to them. This includes your boss, spouse, parents (or children in many cases), or even the President. You have been given at birth an unconditionally loving power called free will. Your right to choose the way you act out your life is what makes you the beautiful individual that you are. What many of us often forget is that we must take responsibility for those decisions. If we choose to live in this country, we also choose to abide by its laws or accept any consequences for transgressions. When we are told to perform certain tasks at work we must accept responsibility for any part not fulfilled as well as praise for a job "well done."

Let's take it a step further. No one can make you do anything, nor can they make you sad or angry. You actually choose that action or emotional response based on prior beliefs or attitudes. We have, to a large degree, been brought up in a society of blame. It's always someone else's fault. Do you notice a similarity between this way of thinking and the criticism we spoke of in the last principle? The effects are the same. When you lay blame on another, you essentially give your power away and weaken yourself. I teach an entire course on this principle that I call "Steps To Self-Empowerment." In part, it helps you restore confidence in yourself and learn how to accept responsibility for your actions, with focus on strengthening emotional responses in critical times. Remember that you are the writer, director and actor of your own "movie" of life. Your role is every bit as important as anyone else's, and your power comes from inner authority and confidence.

Because of our fast-paced, highly socialized society, we often choose to give authority to others. Politicians, teachers, confidantes, superiors and others are a few examples of outside authorities. When you are unhappy with their decisions and actions, remember that it was your decision to give them the power, and take responsibility for your role in the matter. Luckily we usually learn from experience and future disharmonies may be avoided.

To build this inner authority and confidence, practice being confident. Remember a time in your life when you were absolutely sure about something. Perhaps it was the answer to a test question, directions to a friend's home, or the confidence you have in driving a car. Notice how this makes your body feel. The more you feel confident that you can do something, the easier it will be to do. You may also try visualizing yourself in a certain situation (such as athletes will see themselves winning), and give your body the feeling of a desired result.

Pono: Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

There is always another way to do anything

We know that in the game of chess that there are innumerable ways to move throughout the game. No one, to this day, including computers, has figured all the permutations in a game. How many ways are there to win? In this philosophy, we say that effectiveness is the measure of truth. In other words, use the means that determine the ends you desire. If you want peace on Earth, use peaceful means to achieve it. If you want to harmonize the relationship with your spouse or significant other, use loving means to produce it.

Does anyone remember the slogan "The war to end all wars?" No, this is not a history test, but it refers to the First World War in 1917. Gee, was it? Who can count all the skirmishes and wars we have had on this planet since that time. You see, if you want a peaceful planet, then peaceful means need to be established. And don't put the blame on the politicians. (Remember principle 6?) Peace begins in the home, with yourself, your family, your neighbors, your community, and then the election of your officials. Sometimes thinking of how great the world would be in peace is a pretty big step. Currently, a peaceful world takes about 6 billion individual steps. Your peaceful world starts whenever you're ready with the baby steps blossoming into a fully radiant, loving being.

Now, back to the games.

Sure, I have played chess, but I really like to shoot baskets. I was shooting free throws the other day and in one of those "zen" moments, I began to relate to this principle from what I was doing. Here I was, standing 15 feet away from a little hoop 10 feet in the air, throwing a ball towards it with the perfect trajectory and velocity for it to float through the net. My body assumed a particular stance that gave me confidence, and I had the same four bounces and spinning of the ball before each shot. I realized that I had developed a system for doing this successfully, as the ball went in about 85% of the time. My system, or "style," is not the same as Michael Jordan's (though I have to say I copied some of his technique!), nor is the same as any other successful basketball player. But it is successful. So here we are, millions of basketball players around the world, standing 15 feet from a hoop that is 10 feet in the air, using different body motions to put the ball in the net, and all work! Hmmm...

There is always another way to do anything!

Let's put this into a healer's forum. I have studied, and continue to study, different healing modalities. Each and every one has merit, as they all work to varying degrees. Is one better than the other? Try asking a person who stood on his head to relieve hiccups. In healing, as in basketball and hiccups, you use the way that works. No one healing system works for everyone, but each seems to work for some. Millions will be healed this year through the belief in Reiki. Millions will be healed through the belief in surgery. Millions will be healed through belief in lightwork. Millions will be healed through belief in religions. Billions will be healed through their own beliefs. To you healers I ask that you first understand the beliefs of the healee and then work within that framework, for therein lies the key to the healing process. There is always another way to do anything!

Source: Paul Waters

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