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Shopping and eating out in Curitiba seem to be a lot cheaper than in New Zealand. A main meal at a nice restaurant would usually be around R$15 or NZ$12 which is about half the cost of New Zealand.

$7.25 of vegetables

The amount of groceries we got at the local fruit & vege shop was unbelievable :-)

At the super market the prices aren't quite as good, but check out this picture of R$10.80 - that's NZ $7.25!


Of course, the home-grown solution is best of all - here's one day's yield from Mum & Dad's vege patch costing $0.00! :-)


$3.36 of beer

Beer is much cheaper too! at a cafe or bar a normal bottle of 350ml bottle of beer like Stella Artois would usually be R$2.50 (NZ$1.69), and the 600ml bottles of local brands are even more cost-effective at R$4. Here's R$5 (NZ$3.36) of beer from the super market:


My favourite are what the locals call "solzinho" which is a small 250ml bottle of Sol pilsen for about R$1 (NZ 0.68c). You can see some of them in the picture above at the front.

$14 of nuts - similar to NZ

Nuts aren't much different though, at the local health food shop which were the best prices we could find locally, Almonds and Cashews were $30/Kg (NZ$20.11) and Brazil nuts R$36/Kg (NZ$24.13). So this bunch of nuts cost just over R$20 (NZ$13.41) which I'd expect to pay a similar amount for in New Zealand - well maybe a bit more, but close.


Kiwizinho treats :-)

Kiwizinho treats.jpg

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