Sons of Liberty Academy

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The Sons of Liberty Academy is a really complete and well presented research project by truth-seeker Chris Duane. He's put together an extremely comprehensive and well organised package of material which is in the form of ten video modules, each with an associated optional set of supplementary material for deeper research into the topics covered.

The Sons of Liberty Academy is invaluable material for anyone interested in getting a deep and clear knowledge of what's really behind all this war, poverty and financial meltdown, and what the real solutions are. It's invaluable not only for newcomers to these concepts so they can avoid thousands of frustrating hours wading through confusion and disinformation, but also a great reference and referral resource to have at hand for those of us who have been studying these concepts for many years.


Membership to access the material has recently been made free of charge since it's such important knowledge. However, for those who do have some funds available to support a good cause, I think Sons of Liberty Academy is one of the best causes out there in the current times.
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