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Space and time are intimately linked by the fact that all communication of information from one position in space to another takes time, in fact time is the preferred dimension in which to talk about distance! This is true in every day life too; when we're talking about travelling from A to B, it's how long it will take that we're really concerned with, not how far.

The relationship between quantum entanglement and geometry

Physicist Juan Maldacena's research had led him to consider in 1997 the relationship between two seemingly different model universes. One is a cosmos similar to our own. Although it neither expands nor contracts, it has three dimensions, is filled with quantum particles and obeys Einstein’s equations of gravity. Known as anti-de Sitter space (AdS), it is commonly referred to as the bulk. The other model is also filled with elementary particles, but it has one dimension fewer and doesn’t recognize gravity. Commonly known as the boundary, it is a mathematically defined membrane that lies an infinite distance from any given point in the bulk, yet completely encloses it, much like the 2D surface of a balloon enclosing a 3D volume of air. The boundary particles obey the equations of a quantum system known as conformal field theory (CFT). Maldacena discovered that the boundary and the bulk are completely equivalent. Like the 2D circuitry of a computer chip that encodes the 3D imagery of a computer game,



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