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It would be very useful to be able to perform operations on selections in MediaWiki. Some special pages already work this way such as Special:NukeDPL, but it would be better to use Special:Workflow for this which allows one to select articles using a DPL query, or pasting a list in directly. Then this selection can be refined further using checkbox list, or an operation from a list of many can be performed on the selection.

The available operations should be easily extendable in-wiki, and should later be able to be performed from the job queue. It should be able to be easily connected to existing selection-based special pages like Special:Nuke.

A dropdown list of selection queries should be available for use instead of just the textarea for pasting in a query or list. This could just obtain its list from the Query namespace, stripping the mode=category.

An action link should allow the article links within the current article content (or category/query result) to be used as the selection on which to perform an operation. Clicking on the "workflow" action takes you to the Special:Workflow checkbox-list view.

Some operations that would be very useful over selections are:

  • Change workflow state
  • Add to category
  • Remove from category
  • Update template parameter(s)
  • Regexp rename title
  • Regexp replace content
  • Prepend content
  • Append content
  • Undo last revision
  • Move revision back to a particular date
  • Revert last authors edits (rollback)
  • Delete article
  • Delete article and history
  • Export
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