Survival of the fittest

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Survival of the fittest is one of those concepts like currency onto which people project all manner of ills. But these are powerful concepts which are used to their fullest by nature. There are a few such concepts which are essential to life itself, and therefore are always present in the dominant systems regardless of any parameters those systems may exhibit such as "goodness" or "evilness".

Survival of the fittest is a core part of evolution and nature, what makes it good or evil depends on the way this "fitness" is evaluated. If its measured materialistically then what we call "evil" results over time, but if it's measured in holistic terms then harmony emerges.

For example, in Human society fitness is based on profit, growth, GDP, ROI etc but these concepts have little to do with the quality of life experienced by the Human beings of which society is actually composed. So for harmony to grow in our society, the measure of fitness which determines the continuation, growth and form of all our organisations and systems should be directly related to their ability to increase the quality of life on Earth.

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