Talk:24 January 2007

From Organic Design

It's working in the sidebar now - but it's all full of small bugs and hacks - meeeeessssy :-| --Nad 02:14, 24 Jan 2007 (NZST)

this is really cool aran. --Phalseid 21:42, 23 Jan 2007 (NZST)

Yeah this reminds me of the "our documents" stuff you were working on back in '02. Nice!--Milan 21:56, 23 Jan 2007 (NZST)
Reckon ;-) ya gotta be able to get your fix of tree in your environment!
I took the images from the our-docs tree source --Nad 21:58, 23 Jan 2007 (NZST)
Is there a switch which makes the tree open by default? --Sven 21:34, 30 Jan 2007 (NZST)
Not yet, but have thought of it and will add sometime - both from query-string and in the div tag --Nad 23:06, 30 Jan 2007 (NZST)
What about an XML property? That way an xpath query could change the state, and that state can persist for next time the page is visited. --Rob 00:17, 31 Jan 2007 (NZST)
Yip a property would mean one method could work for both the query-string and default. But having it persistent would mean it would need to actually write to the properties article - xpath queries only affect the current request but don't affect the db. --Nad 00:37, 31 Jan 2007 (NZST)