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should we (Adeft) use basecamp for our Projects or try to do it on this here wiki? I was going to start here, but seeing you use a different tool has given me pause.....--Phalseid 22:31, 5 Oct 2006 (NZST)

It's your decision to make based on what features each has and what you need, Swanson Sanctuary uses basecamp because it has various features for project management which are incomplete or missing in XmlWiki and probably won't be developed until we're in the new peerd environment. But from what I hear, basecamp isn't much use for content management. --Nad 23:02, 5 Oct 2006 (NZST)

Basecamp critique

The context for this conversation being Jonathan's question to some Basecamp admins:

What features did you want that Basecamp does not have? What was it about
basecamp that made you stick with it?

It's likely that if there's another product out there that does what you
want I may well have looked at it and can tell you which one it is. I must
have now looked at 15 or so of them, and installed about 6 for testing
Will's response
  • Good user admin: one page to assign/de-assign people to multiple projects [Reason #1 why Basecamp is a dropkick]
  • Tiered Email traffic. [reason #2 why basecamp sucks].
  • (a) email contains message (no need to click webpage to see message - major drawback of activeCollab).
  • (b) get email for messages but no comments unless you reply or click to opt-in
  • (c) No email traffic at all as an option.
  • Writeboards [Winner feature #1 of Basecamp]
  • Todos, Milestones, Calendar are helpful [Basecamp does an OK job]
  • grouping of people into Client Companies
  • would be nice to be able to shift people between companies rather than delete and recreate
  • Pretty UI would be very desireable