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A good idea, but not for this context - we already have very solid plans for interface and no time to deviate from that plan. The peer interface is widget-based but is more generic so that the same interface elements can be rendered directly to the screen on Linux environments, or via browser using flash. We've already done a lot of code for this, but we need peerd in place for any of this to be testable.

We already have an interface methodology underway which is widget-based and can optionally work in a browser via Flash. The interface is based on the fundamentals of the project and so working on a different interface solution is not a useful sidetrack for me. I'm happy to develolp new features, but only when they're in line with the projects direction. Nad 09:55, 9 Feb 2006 (NZDT)

Sorry, i posted all of this before I read your message here. How close are you to being able to show this? I would still like a demo i could show, so if anyone has time....