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nad, i have downloaded and watched a few of these as time and screaming children allow. this is a great resource and i would love to see an apt-minded person to maintain this and some resultant torrents. think im gonna link from the manifesto.--Phalseid 17:30, 7 Aug 2006 (NZST)

Wilco sir!--Milan 18:21, 26 Jul 2006 (NZST)

Idea: Maybe it would look cool if we grabbed a still from each doco we host and put it in the page. It would help to break up the text also. --Rob 09:30, 14 Jul 2006 (NZST)

Yeah frames for them would be excellent, and also expanding on the text about them a bit. Another article to chip away at ;-/ --Nad 11:42, 14 Jul 2006 (NZST)