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OK Aron, I got it. This is all new but not too hard to get into.

I see it could be a good tool - presuming people use it.

Good to see you made it here :-)

Check out Wikipedia and see the kinds of discussions they have on their pages.

MediaWiki (the wiki software we're using) was made especially for the Wikipedia project.

You can link to Wikipedia for any background concepts you think your readers may be interested in - I've made many wikipedia links related to our project in Glossary.

MediaWiki allows you to put some simple HTML tags in articles for doing basic tables and things. If you want more advanced formats you'll have to get into XmlWiki's features a bit more. But there's actually a lot of development already going on to allow richer application-style collaborative content underway. Anyway, here's that table:

Bob121312Hello World!
Bob121312Hello World!
Bob121312Hello World!
Bob121312Hello World!