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This function failed for me when put at the beginning of an extension;

<php> logFile("FOO","FODDA");

  1. Logging to a file

function logFile($file, $msg) { $fh = fopen($file,'a'); $ts = $GLOBALS['wgLang']->timeanddate(wfTimestampNow(),true); if(is_array($msg)) $msg = print_r($msg, true); fwrite($fh, "\n$ts: $msg"); } </php>

It is failing on this line $ts = $GLOBALS['wgLang']->timeanddate(wfTimestampNow(),true);. Where is the timeanddate set within the MediaWiki classes? --Sven 13:33, 10 December 2007 (NZDT)

Looks like $GLOBALS['wgLang'] doesn't exist anymore in print_r($GLOBALS); either --Sven 13:36, 10 December 2007 (NZDT)
I used the backtick to get a timestamp in the meantime

<php> logFile("/tmp/FOO","this is a test message...");

  1. Logging to a file

function logFile($file, $msg) { $fh = fopen($file,'w');

  1. $ts = $GLOBALS['wgLang']->timeanddate(wfTimestampNow(),true);
       $ts = `date`;

if(is_array($msg)) $msg = print_r($msg, true); fwrite($fh, "\n$ts: $msg"); } </php> --Sven 14:57, 10 December 2007 (NZDT)

8 Wikitext in Sidebar

Had a bit of trouble getting this example to work. This gave me the result in the end:

<div id='p-page-nav' class="portlet">
	$title    = Title::newFromText("Nav");
	$article  = new Article($title);
	$parser = new Parser;
	print $parser->parse($article->fetchContent(),$title,new ParserOptions,true,true)->getText();

--Rob 12:17, 13 December 2007 (NZDT)

Add a new tab

The new Vector code snippet adds a tab to the existing visible row, it should be possible to get a new tab into the drop down list also.