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Rotating Queue. Create a list of items that will be done within a certain regular time slot (this can then be the name of that list i.e. "Nightshift Queue"). When that timeslot comes up next, grab the top item and drop it from future into the actual time. Grab another copy of it and add it to the bottom of the list. If you want to change the proportions of activities, just add more of the same activity to the queue. Kudos go to Nad for inspiring this with the nodal-execution model.

Excellent! that's the differences between human and computer processes already diminishing :-) next, imagine that each of the items in the queue may also be a queue, and each time a top item gets a "unit" of attention, it is consumed and rotated by the sub-queue in the same way. This way tasks can be as deep and complex as you like, but they still only occupy their alloted time in the top level. Nad 10:24, 27 Oct 2005 (NZDT)

In a working day of 4x2 hours 16 processes can realistically be tended to while maintaining adequate break times and a balance between production and development activities. If it is necessary to generate money, 8 of these 16 processes can be billed out at a premium rate, say $25 per process. That way an income of $1000 less expenses and taxes can be achieved while working 20 hours for clients and maintaining 20 hours for self-renewal and development. This ratio can be varied, with experience and discipline to 10/10 or 10/30 or 30/20, depending on personal needs and energy levels.