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New compact statement (November 2009)

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Old notes

This is the vision statement for Organic Design. What is the bigger picture of Organic Design, what inspires us to do what we do? Our vision! Embedded in the wider movement toward bottom-up empowerment and sustainability, we hold a vision of peace and unity which we are making clearer as we share it with others and travel toward it.

Our Vision of the Future

  • People and organisations acting sustainably in alignment with global core values.
  • Vibrant and independent communities, generating wealth harmoniously and globally interlinked.
  • The creation of a just, peaceful and sovereign society - by the people - for the people.
Well, if one was to specify a preference for the "most peaceful" style at all times, it could lead to resistance to change --Jack 01:06, 4 November 2009 (UTC)
This is the old notes which have been removed, but yes the current one also uses the word "peace". By "maximum peace" is meant the minimum conflict not the minimum change which would hinder maximum well-being. --nad 03:02, 4 November 2009 (UTC)


  • Free, self reliant and empowered to meaningfully contribute to society in the manner of their choice.

Communities & Organisations

  • Taking ownership of their resource requirements and managing them sustainably.
  • Thriving and generating unprecedented potential and wealth from within innovative organisational structures.
  • Operating responsibly within openly defined core values, fully integrated within a resource based global economy.

New Global Paradigm

  • A New Paradigm ensuring representation and voice for all people, cultures and nations operating within a revised financial system based on a universal basic income (UBI) for each person derived from their share of the planetary society's wealth.

Development of the Web

  • Web 3.0: Open standards drive interoperability, a service-based economy
  • Web 4.0: The structured web goes bottom-up and Peer-to-Peer
  • Web 5.0: Quantum computing becomes widespread, bringing consciousness to the bottom-up structured web

Unified Organisational System

  • Ontology
  • The creation of Panarchies
  • oCorp
  • Technology independence

The Network

  • Platforms
  • Intentional communities
  • Parallel support system, bottom-up, transparent, sustainable

Global Mind

  • The Geoscope
  • Artificial consciousness
  • Unified Earth

Doing the hard yards again- took 4 months last time!

I 'get' what you're attempting to say however I am deep in the conversation. My comment on your draft outcome to date is: Who is your target for this message? If meant for the general public then I believe this is much too deep for mere mortals! :-) If meant for internal participants, then perhaps this approach is suitable. I particularly note the absence of the word(s) organisation (al)/ system--Dana 08:15, 4 November 2009 (UTC)