Talk:Our rural net connection

From Organic Design


a:3:{s:13:"5111ab6a589fe";a:6:{i:4;b:0;i:1;s:3:"Rob";i:2;i:1360112490;i:3;s:208:"Internet setup looks like it's coming together! As it happens I had to do something similar recently, with power over a network cable to a remote IP camera.";i:5;a:1:{i:0;s:13:"511298bbbdb4a";}i:6;a:1:{s:3:"Nad";i:1;}}s:13:"511298bbbdb4a";a:6:{i:4;s:13:"5111ab6a589fe";i:1;s:3:"Nad";i:2;i:1360173243;i:3;s:195:"That looks like a cool project - I was thinking about putting a cam at the top of the hill too :-) pitty our PoE didn't work out tho, it's such a clean solution with just the one cable like that!";i:5;a:0:{}i:6;a:0:{}}s:13:"51b4ea6f5ef07";a:6:{i:4;b:0;i:1;s:5:"Gilly";i:2;i:1370810991;i:3;s:136:"You two are both doing so well. I am really impressed by your ingenuity and creativity. Garden is starting to look good too. Well done. ";i:5;a:0:{}i:6;a:1:{s:3:"Nad";i:1;}}}