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Introduction - Using Peer to Deliver Business Services

Businesses with modern computer networks have great hardware resources but are not able to fully capitalise on these resources due to the lack of a software suite that can integrate with existing business systems.

This software suite should be well-documented and supported, there should be no ongoing costs attached to it and as a package, together with skilled professionals who can implement it it should offer peace of mind to ensure things like data backup, network security and and accounting are dealt with efficiently.

That way the businesses can offload IT expertise and responsibility onto a flexible and robust network allowing them to focus on their core business.

Through being linked in with the developemnt team via clear and accessible communications channels, the clients not only feel heard, but get a sense of being part of the development effort. The following areas of business need developing for the above described services to be offered:

  • Network install - hardware and operating systems
  • Content management systems setup
  • Training, documentation and support
  • Define services
  • Program peer, develop services internally within the network
  • Ensure availabiltiy of the skills to render said services within the network
  • Broadcast availability of services through appropriate channels
  • Distribute jobs and clients amongst the network
Services menu
  • Backup systems
  • Firewall for the network
  • Domain hosting bandwidth management
  • Content management system
    • Documents
    • Web publishing
    • Customer realtionship Management
    • Stock control
    • Cataloguing
    • Budgeting and Accounting
  • Training and support
    • Onsite
    • Remote
    • Seminars

Thoughts on BPM

Peer will lend itself very well to Business Process Management. That is what I am planing on using it for, and my xmlwiki implemetation is already running AR processes for one of my clients.

It is important to note that IT is the layer between people and something that the average person can never comprehend. I repeat as my mantra, "the problem is not that people do not understand computers, the problem is that computers do not undestand people." We are in for a very wild ride in the next year. I have no doubt that peer will be the bigest tech story of 2007, if not 2006. If not, at least we will have fun working on it until it does catch on. Phalseid

I totally agree with your mantra there, I'd say that'd be one of our top mantra's too along with "all aspects changeable" and "think global, act local". But why care whether its popular or not? or whether some other one is catching up or not? those kind of concerns hinder productivity and lead away from the open philosophy. Nad 10:22, 3 Feb 2006 (NZDT)