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Priorities for star menu

need by march 8th at the latest....

feel free to dev on let me know if you need creds


  • instead of colored icons, use [+] [-] to activate and indicate depth (DONE)
  • if page it has duplicte links, only show one (may be current case) (D0NE)
  • launch star from top right icon, light box, fade background, [x] on top right to close (DONE)

new changes 3-8-12

  • bigger radius
  • change "root" to be current article
  • disclaimer text at top of lightbox saying "This navigational tool is a prototype under development SEBoK 1.0. Comments are welcome for improvement."
  • small icon to represent star menu to click on icon instead of "star menu" on top right
  • crumbs to 30chr

known bugs

  • crashes monobook
  • only do 2 levels


Priorities for Tree Manu

  • just like you did with the bread crumbs, can you add "..." to the tree menu for long links
  • expand vector skin 20% wider to give more space for navigation on /dev and /wiki
  • current article should be bold in navtree on left.

Old Notes

  • There are going to be repetitive links (e.g. the same article might be referenced multiple times) - will this show up many times? This might negate part of the "real estate issue" (my sense is that the links aren't that many when you take out duplicates, but I could be wrong).
  • Can we filter out links by category? For example, can we say if the link goes to glossary, primary reference, etc. that we won't include it? Again, this is for the proof of concept (we might change this for 1.0) - but if that's possible that would further help address the real estate issue.

  • We talked about how the nodes open and branch out, then how opening any new levels may crowd nodes from previous levels that are opened. The way it is set up now, the nodes keep opening on the page and coming close to overlapping each other. Most of the sample nodes provided only have 5 nodes open at once, so since most of our material will go beyond this number it will get quite crowded quickly. As a solution we talked about fading the

previous levels so the current being viewed is the only level that stands out. Fading on previous levels sounds good. However, I would consider this a "nice to have" that is not critical for the proof of concept. (If we can do it great, but I'd rather have something on March 15 and not have this if that's the trade off).

  • We talked about the size/space this sample will take up. This is something we’ll have to discuss. Peder suggested we could fade the page’s content so that the graphic can expand over it. That's actually exactly what I had in mind. However, for 0.75, if we need to even have a separate page for the proof of concept and work out the details for 1.0, we can do that.
  • Peder, after I played with the sample I noticed that the navigational (back button) was not working and when previous levels clicked are faded there is no way to ‘go back’ or ‘start over’. I’m sure this may be because it’s a sample, but I
  • A +/- toggle capability would be nice. Not sure how much harder this makes the problem. I think this one is important enough for March 15.