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This is the the specification of the business-sitter definition of the Platform business template. This specification will evolve into a full Peer application as soon as development permits. Please note: "Application" is a legacy term used for clearer understanding. In the Peer, applications are unified into workspaces.

Further notes to enter: What is being created is the "business-sitter definition" of the Platform template. The tree of roles and departments is one way to view these things, and they all have recurring aspects (the three), which correlate to instance (current state) view and the related workspaces which are more global and template-based (?).


Trees of things which are more specific to the individual Platforms

  • Departments/Roles/Processes
  • Products and services


Recurring patterns within the various workspaces

  • Knowledge/Global
  • People/Social and Self-organisation
  • Resources/Local

Platform Departments


  • Internal and public communications
  • News and media, booklets, publications

Program Director

  • Recording and editing - meetings, noticeboards, interviews
  • Content Management
  • Planning media channel content
  • Events scheduling
  • Changing channel content based on feedback


  • Real-time responsiveness
  • Response to inbound comms/calls/emails/letters
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Navigational assistance

Platform/Social Services

  • Educational programs, seminars, workshops, functions
  • Creche and after-school care
  • Cafe
  • Common room
  • Cinema, public screenings
  • Notice board
  • Jobs boards
  • Transport pool


  • Simple, cheap, no-red-tape kitchen
  • Hare Krishna style
    • Samosa
    • Solar Hot Water + Bain Marie
  • Run from normal kitchen


  • Create tasty, simple menu, cheap
  • Improve menus based on feedback
  • Share recipes, food related info

Kitchen hand

  • Shopping
  • Food prep
  • Dishes
  • Cleaning

Platform/Infrastructure Management

Civil Defense

  • Power supply for community
  • Battery backup
  • Solar hot water
  • Power generation gym
  • Civil defense exercises

IT Systems

  • Cost-reduction and effectiveness
  • Make time of experts go further
  • Manage settings and installs organisation-wide
  • Maintain bandwidth in the community
  • Manage all IT systems hardware and OS's
  • Backups
  • Versioning
  • Access levels
  • Hardware support
  • Monitoring


  • Accounts
  • Stock control
  • Budgeting


  • Couriers
  • Warehousing
  • Ordering interface
  • Inventory + Reports, balances of items and status
  • Multiple platforms and businesses reusing facilities