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Compiling for windows

  • Download and install latest MinGW full package (at the time of writing this, the current download is MinGW-5.0.2.exe). Make sure you select the make and g++ (for tiff) options in the installation process.
  • Download and install latest MSYS (MSYS-1.0.8.exe at time of writing).
  • Download the current source files listed below and unpack into their own directories within the MSYS mounted structure. The files were current at time of writing (Nad 12:03, 24 Jul 2006 (NZST)):
  • First compile SDL, zlib, libJPEG from MSYS shell in the normal way from their own source directories with configure, make and make install.
  • Then in the libPNG dir, set the path of the zlib includes and libs in the makefile, then do just a a make by itself.
  • Ensure the libXXX.a's for all the above are in /usr/local/lib or where ever the SDL libs have been compiled to.