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Work required

  • Article needs to links to full services description, chat should be added to email setup
  • Diagrams and examples needed
  • Link to roadmap and vision
  • To test we need to think whether we would be happy to point a potential client to this article
  • Section on why and when not to use Organic Design, e.g. end-user support

Service Agreement & Contract

The service agreement outlines the way that services are carried out for clients by the members of a Platform. It defines the responsibilities and constraints by which work is undertaken and is specifically tailored to support the work aspects of the Platform's Shared Vision. The shared vision is based on the common elements of all the members Personal Visions.

Open Source project costs

There has sometimes been confusion when we quote for setting up systems based on open source components which are often higher than expected. The problem is that it takes a great deal of time to learn and integrate unfamiliar components into the system, to test them and interface them with other components. We can set up systems very quickly if all of its aspects are covered by our current procedures, for example some procedures can be done in only an hour or so, but but have taken hundreds of hours of time to refine it to their current state. Aside from procedure development and refinement, there are often many hours involved in user documentation, deployment, data migration etc.

Demo wiki

We need to set up demo wiki and link to it right at the start, this will help people get a feel for what they can get. --Milan 02:35, 27 April 2009 (UTC