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Fact check: deep packet inspection and p2p blocking

More importantly, wireless broadband access providers do not acknowledge the wireless industry's record of dubious practices—a list that continues to grow. For example, the cable industry notes that "providers of wireless Internet access unabashedly engage in outright blocking." Deep packet inspection "has been deployed far and wide" by various wireless last mile network operators. Further, the contractual terms imposed by major wireless carriers purport to prohibit the use of peer-to-peer applications, Web broadcasts, server or host applications, tethering, and the use of wireless as a substitute for wired broadband. Nonetheless, wireless network operators' practices are not transparent, the government to date has declined to exercise its rightful oversight authority, and effective enforcement mechanisms to address abuses do not exist.
Wireless Internet companies "in particular fail" to honor the philosophy inherent in the FCC's proposed nondiscrimination rule, the firm charged.
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