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SPA Hash fragments

  • I noticed that certain internal links on the site indeed are externally-addressable hash frament URI's (instead of just javascript:;, e.g.,
  • But alas, the SPA does not obey them when you click them :(
Yeah I noticed that too - unfortunately Tiddly's not the best example of SPA tech - it's a failing of Tiddly tho, not of the SPA paradigm --nad 07:01, 22 November 2011 (PST)

Significant file structure difference from classic TiddlyWiki

  • delivered as a single HTML file that contains both the tiddlers (text and other data) of the document, and the JavaScript code needed to provide the TiddlyWiki user interface.

This undermines the conjectured distributed tiddlywiki concept where revisions are stored in separate files that would be distributed by RSS or other means.