Talk:USB Roll-up drum kit user-space driver for linux

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Use basic unix IO and liblo to make a driver that will read the device and output Open Sound Control messages. The C program reading th usb device will act as the client and the Chuck shred will be the server.

Program flow

  • init liblo
  • read command line parameter
  • open device
  • output message "connect to device"
  • loop:
    • read device
    • process input
    • send osc message
    • check for exit condition
  • tidy up
  • exit


Download liblo from sourceforge

curl -O
tar xzf liblo-0.25.tar.gz
cd liblo-0.25
make && make install

Need to tell the linker where to find the newly installed libs

ldconfig /usr/local/lib

Add this Makefile

cat > Makefile
	gcc -llo drumkit.c -o drumkit

And build it.


Check it linked correctly - you should NOT see this: => not found

more like => /usr/local/lib/ (0xb7fc9000)