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Info.svg This template should be included within any article which represents a book. The article title should be the same as the title of its corresponding book.
Articles which use this template are automatically categorised into Category:Books.

Until we have a semantic form, you can copy and paste the following parameters from the box into your new book article and replace the asterisks with the correct values

|name = [[***]]
|author = [[***]]
|publisher = ***
|buy = ***
|ISBN = ***
|keywords = ***
|image = [[***]]

Once you have saved the new article with information about the book, an entry for that book will appear in the books category which will look like the example below, with proper values filled in.

Book: {{{name}}}
Author {{{author}}}
Publisher {{{publisher}}}
Buy from {{{buy}}}
Keywords {{{keywords}}}

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*see Help:Templates for details about how to make wiki templates