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The terms The Infinite, All-That-Is, The Creator, God/Goddess, The One, The Source, The Almighty, are all variations of the same one idea. The phrase All-That-Is is preferred because it describes the concept we know as God most literally.

All-That-Is is everything in existence, period All-That-Is is all the collective consciousness in existence All-That-Is is aware of itself as itself as well as all of its parts All-That-Is is the Infinite Creator All-That-Is is a multi-dimensional creator and exists on every level there is All-That-Is is unconditional love All-That-Is is totally non-judgemental

All-That-Is explores and discovers more of itself by experiencing, comparing and identifying itself as the whole and as the individual parts and learning through all of its parts, thereby expanding into more of itself.

Human beings are but one part of the infinite number of parts of All-That-Is. It may be said we are the cells in the body of God; each containing the information, potential of the whole body, but is not the whole body, just as our human cells contain the information, potential of the whole body, but is not the whole body.

Note: Unconditional Love is the substance of All-That-Is, i.e. it is what everything is made of.

Remember, the light and the dark are equally valid in the eyes of All-That-Is. All-That-Is does not judge anything as being more or less than anything else. All-That-Is perceives everything as being equal, but different. This is important for us to know, as this notion is part of the next step in our collective human exploration. Having explored negativity in everyway imaginable we are now preparing to explore the positive side of physical life.

Because we are all part of All-That-Is, we are all multi-dimensional creators too.

Because we are all part of All-That-Is, whenever an individual learns something, or experiences something, All-That-Is also learns and experiences that something. It doesn't matter what the experience is, it always produces an effect for everyone – no matter whether it is a conscious or unconscious, major or minor, effect.

We are always connected to All-That-Is, by definition, although we can, and have, created the illusion that we are not. In so doing, we experience that reality as though it were the only reality.


Unconditional love is the eternal essence of All-That-Is It is pure love – love without any conditions attached It is the core vibration of All-That-Is It is the primal energy – the substance of existence itself, both physical and non–physical  it is what everything is made of It is the Divine Light It is the essence of consciousness It is allowing things to be as they are It is being totally non-judgemental It is being totally who and what we are.

Unconditional love manifests in various forms, and in various ways, by resonating at different frequencies. It is all those things listed above and more, because unconditional love is the essence of the whole, the All-That-Is. When we tune into the frequency of unconditional love, we are in-tune with All-That-Is.

This is what is meant by: God is love.

Unconditional love is the greatest power (actually the only power) in the omniverse because it is the prime substance of existence. Unconditional love is truly felt from the heart – not just the physical heart but the heart energy, the heart source. The heart energy is that which covers and flows to all things. Whenever you feel that wonderful expanded feeling, you are at that moment totally in tune with the primal vibration of the Creator, the All-That-Is.

Conditional love is the love that most of us experience during our life times. When we are first attracted to someone and we feel the excitement, the feeling that anything and everything in the universe is possible – that is the experience of unconditional love. It is only later, when conditions are imposed, that it becomes conditional love. The unconditional love was there to attract us to someone, or the right circumstances, so that we could act out the particular role that we agreed to play out, in order for the participants to learn from the experience.

An example of conditional love is when a mother says to her child, "Mummy won't love you unless you are a good boy". However, remember, experiencing conditional love also has a purpose and is a learning experience. It also allows us to discover more of who and what we are, by discovering who and what we are not.

Electromagnetheric [electro-magn-etheric] energy is a step-down of the primal energy of unconditional love. It is therefore the secondary energy, what has been referred to by many names such as the aether, chi, prana, zero-point, and orgone. This concept has not been understood because this energy is neither physical nor non-physical – it is the transitional energy state between the two. It is the energy state, or perhaps more accurately defined as the pre-energy state from which the physical plane manifests.


All Existence is eternal – everything that exists, always exists

One-is-All and All-is-One

What we put out is what we get back

Change is the only constant except 1, 2, and 3 above

That's it! There are only four Laws of All-That-Is. Everything else stems from them. These four Laws are the only ABSOLUTES in existence. To explain further:

All Existence is eternal – everything that exists, always exists

The idea that all existence is eternal and cannot be created or destroyed is somewhat of a dilemma for us to understand for we are used to seeing things destroyed, or so we think. In reality what we are seeing is simply a change of form. It is true that anything that exists cannot be truly destroyed. Scientists have conclusively shown that energy cannot be destroyed and Einstein proved that matter is made of energy with his famous E=MC2 formula.

What we see as creation is in truth the choosing of things that already exist from the infinite array of existence within All-That-Is, and arranging it, or them, in the way we desire. As a modern day example, a computer program already exists in its memory. We can't see or sense that program until we choose to activate it. Furthermore, there is only one eternal now moment. Time as we know it is an illusion we create to experience physicality. Therefore, anything that exists MUST always exist.

One-is-All and All-is-One

This is also All-That-Is and has been covered to some degree earlier, but can be expanded upon by way of an analogy:

When we see a garden growing, we see it all together as a garden. But when we look into it more closely, we find all the aspects, all of the different parts, are present. There are the plants themselves. There are the insects that buzz around the flowers, pollinating them. There are the birds that pick up sticks and leaves to build their nests in the trees. There are the microbes in the soil converting organic matter into plant foods. There is the water that fell as rain the night before, now dissolving the soil nutrients so the roots can absorb them. So we see the garden as the whole garden, but also see it as all the individual parts, as well. It is both. It is both the one garden and all the items that go to make up the whole garden.

It is the same with everything in the omniverse (see below) because it is all-one-thing, one consciousness, manifesting as different aspects of the same-one-thing. It is all totally connected and in harmony, whether we choose to realise it or not. We can choose to see it otherwise if we wish, but even that is part of the same one thing. One-Is-All and All-Is-One is very, very literal. Knowing this will help in the integration process that is occurring – more about this later.

What we put out is what we get back

This is the creative process – i.e. how we create everything in our reality..

“What ye sow, so shall ye reap� is the traditional version of this concept. More precisely stated, “the frequency (vibration) we create is the frequency we experience�. This is the Law that we are perpetually working with in our lives and, to repeat, is how we create our reality. This literally means that everything that we see, explore, and/or experience in our lives is only a reflection of what we are putting out, i.e. what we are choosing to create.

The creation component is in the choosing, the exploring, the experiencing of the thing – the thing that already exists. The creative part is the what and how of our selection. Using the analogy of an artist, it is the selection of the colours, the application of the paint, the toning, and the expression; that is the creation. The canvas and the paint represent the something that already exists. In other words, the creative process is the ability to select the components of All-That-Is in a particular form that ones desires, to create a particular effect.

Remember that you can only ever experience the reality you are the vibration of (in any given moment). And conversely, you cannot experience the reality you are not the vibration of.

The benefit of knowing all this is that we can then see what it is that we are doing (putting out) by the reflections around us. Some of the mirrors that reflect back to us are our friends, family, work-mates, environment, governments, churches, animals – they are all reflections of what we individually, and/or collectively, are creating. We can literally see what we are creating in our lives by the reflections. By recognising this we can own our creations, take back our power, and change our lives in the way we prefer it to be. More of this later, too.

Change is the only constant except Laws 1, 2 and 3 above

Everything in the multi-verse is constantly changing – nothing is static. We can create the illusion that things stay the same, but they can’t – it is impossible. We can slow down the process of change. For example, use of preservatives in foods… but eventually whatever is being preserved will change to some other form.

There are ONLY these four laws. Everything is created from them. What we perceive as other laws, such as the laws of physics are not laws but consensus agreements. These consensus agreements became consensus beliefs that, in turn created the 3D reality we have been exploring for thousands of years. As we move into 4D we will discover the agreements are different. They are less limiting... hence our new exploration.

These 4D agreements are ALREADY IN PLACE... in the ethereal realm... the causal plane (see Planes of Existence). All we have to do is discover and live them in the physical realm… hence this book. It is all very simple when these concepts are understood. It also explains everything that is going on especially during this time of transition, and why!