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Since the dawning of time the human spirit has wanted to become that which is perceived as the Almighty One. This may sound presumptuous and blasphemous to some, but it comes from the heart of the One who gives and takes life. The mention of this is to bring to light the idea and the potency of the relationship of the human spirit and that of the Creator which is seen as one and the same thing, inasmuch as one is part of the other. The first important principle, then, is:

The essence of the whole and its parts is the same-one-thing, and that same one thing is consciousness.

Consciousness is All-That-Is Consciousness is Unconditional Love Consciousness is the Infinite Creator.

Everything that exists is consciousness. Yes, everything one sees, everything one feels, everything one smells, everything one tastes, everything one senses in any way, is all consciousness. It is ALL consciousness, all of it. The rocks, the sea, the grass, the moon, all of it. But it is all different forms of consciousness. Consciousness is in human form as well as in every other form. Were we not taught as children that God is everywhere? Well, that is what is meant by that expression. So when speaking of consciousness, it is not just the idea of mentality. Mentality is just one form of consciousness. There are many, many, many other forms.

Self-awareness is a form of consciousness and is the product of a focal point being created.

Everything is a projection, a diversification, a fragmentation or a re-arrangement of consciousness. It is not just the physical manifestation. It is everything in existence, both physical and non-physical.

It cannot be stressed enough that consciousness IS the essence of all things. Consciousness itself is both light and darkness. Consciousness is the Source of all. Consciousness just IS. It cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed, but its form and function can be changed. Again, everything is consciousness. Each of us has the God-essence within us, because it IS us. We need to remember this, as it will allow us to unlock ourselves from this realm which we have chosen to experience and have chosen to endure for so long. Remember also, we are all God-seeds; seeds of God. Man is made in the image of God – not the other way around. It cannot be any other way as we are God in a miniature form, and we are soon to real-ise this. It is vital we understand first and foremost that we are consciousness and consciousness is us.

Another important principle is:

We are all creators of our own experiential reality – totally.

We may choose to co–create with others, but what we see and what we create is completely and totally from us – all of it, 100%. Everything we perceive is our version of creation. If this concept is doubted, just put it aside for the moment with a question mark attached, so it can be re-assessed later. Rejecting it will lock you into your old beliefs and not allow you to transform.


Because consciousness is all one consciousness, it follows that the whole has the same qualities as the parts and vice versa. With this in mind, the concept of collective, mass or group consciousness, also known in more scientific circles as morphic resonance, will now be explained.

There are certain segments of consciousness that agree to work (or play) together, so to speak. This agreement forms a bond which becomes one whole idea. When this whole idea is agreed upon, it becomes the group’s collective reality. This agreement allows the consciousness to isolate itself from other realities for the purpose of experiencing the various manifestations the collective consciousness wishes to jointly experience. This establishes the normal modus operandi of the group or society.

It should be remembered that a collective consciousness has an identity just as we as do as human individuals. A collective consciousness knows itself as itself but also knows itself as all of its various parts just as we know our bodies are made up of cells and organs, etc.

There are an infinite number of mass consciousnesses. Our whole world is a mass consciousness, each country is its own mass consciousness, each group within that country is a mass consciousness, and each family is a mass consciousness.

BELIEFS First, the word “beliefs� has many connotations attached to it; not least of which are “religious beliefs�. What is being referred to in this book is ANY and ALL types of beliefs that we hold to be true. They can be personal beliefs of your own making, or collective beliefs which you have adopted or "bought into" from others… it doesn't matter they are ALL just beliefs.


a belief is a definition of a specific viewpoint that is upheld to be true, without question, doubt, hesitation or justification and acted upon with total conviction, trust, and faith.

There are both positive and negatively beliefs. Negative beliefs are usually unconscious; we don’t let ourselves know we have them but they still affect us. An example of a negative belief would be “I am not loved�. Someone with this belief will experience being unloved. A positive belief could be “I am a good driver�… and that person would experience “being a good driver� even if others do not agree.

Only in recent times has the realisation become apparent that we do, in fact, create our experiences from what we believe most strongly to be true. Quantum scientists are now seeing this with their experiments. They are finding every time they theorise (create a new belief) the existence of a new sub-atomic particle, they find it – albeit for only a fraction of a microsecond. Further evidence of this understanding may be found in a best selling book by Dr. Wayne Dyer entitled "You Will See it When You Believe it". Because of this realisation, more and more people are beginning to understand this concept and are thereby able to own their creations and thus truly take responsibility for their actions. This puts one firmly in the driver’s seat of their life. In effect beliefs are filters... they allow the desired reality to flow through and filter out everything else.

Beliefs create realities.

Beliefs are first and foremost definitions.

New beliefs are automatically created when we decide to explore and experience something.

Similar new beliefs automatically replace old beliefs.

It is useful to know that our new beliefs automatically replace our old beliefs about the same subject matter. It is not unlike what happens when a new computer program replaces an old one… they are designed to do that. Therefore, we don’t have to know what they are in order to change them. The intention and decision to change our experience automatically replaces the old beliefs… the old programming, with the right new ones (see Conscious Commandment).

Note: Additional information how beliefs affect our lives continues throughout this book.


A belief system creates its own independent, self-sustaining, self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling reality that is complete unto itself and provides all the evidence to back up and support that reality in a self-prophesying, self-fulfilling manner. A belief system is not a static thing; it continually grows as additional similar beliefs are attracted to it.

In other words, any reality that is being explored will always, always, always contain the evidence in that reality to prove that that reality exists... by definition. This explains why and how any and every belief system in existence, such as religious sects or conspiracies, can be proven to be true. All realities are true in that sense, because they are all self-evident because the system is always self-sustaining, self-fulfilling, self-prophesying and self-perpetuating – but in truth, the experience comes from simply playing out a set of beliefs. That is not to invalidate what anyone is doing. No, that is not the idea. Everything that anyone is doing has validity. The intention here is to establish some fundamental understandings of this crucial mechanism so it can be used, beneficially.

A belief system is made up of primary, secondary and subsequent associated beliefs

Primary beliefs have specific vibrations, i.e. particular frequencies

Secondary beliefs have similar vibrations that are attracted and attached to the primary beliefs

Subsequent beliefs, similar to the secondary beliefs, become attracted and attached, ad infinitum

The attached beliefs all reinforce each other, including the initial primary beliefs

The primary belief maintains the original intention whereas the subsequent beliefs create variations through which the core belief can be explored.

Note: A primary belief is also known as a core belief.

Technically, when a primary belief resonates at its particular frequency, it attracts to itself other beliefs of similar vibrations, each being slightly in and out of phase with the primary belief. This action builds up a collection of similar beliefs which all attach themselves to the primary belief. These beliefs in turn attract other beliefs of similar vibrations to them, in the same way that the primary belief does, and so on, and so on, with other beliefs.

A primary belief is a fundamental idea that one desires to experience. For example, “I am loveable�. From this primary belief one then creates other similar beliefs such as, “I am likeable� or, “I am acceptable�. A primary belief maintains the original intention, and similar beliefs create variations through which the primary belief can be further explored – you see what you believe – not the other way around. When you say “I believed it because I saw it� – that is because you had an unconscious belief already in place and when you saw it, you automatically re-confirmed that belief when it manifested. If you did not have that belief in place first, then there would be nothing there to see. The belief has to be there first.

Beliefs and belief systems are what consciousness uses to create reality. When we (consciousness) believe something without any doubt or hesitation, with total trust, then that reality will manifest, it has no option but to manifest, because that is how reality is created. All realities are created by continually choosing portions of existence out of the holographic energy of All-That-Is, the tool box of the Infinite you might say, and combining them into various patterns that we desire to explore.


A paradigm is essentially a "foundational belief structure" that functions as a mould, a template, a program or a model that produces a particular foundational background reality in which participants can act.

A paradigm therefore sets the mood, and the pattern of things, thus allowing certain realities to occur in a particular way that requires no thought or effort. This creates realities that are just seemingly there, having been automatically, subconsciously, formed. These realities become so natural to us that we don't even question their existence – “that’s the way it is�, we say, and seemingly there is no other reality. A paradigm therefore serves as a tool that allows us to continually create a particular reality, automatically, without having to consciously choose it all the time – enabling us to get on with living our lives in the way we have.

An example from times gone by is when humanity operated within the flat earth paradigm and therefore didn’t travel beyond what they thought to be the ends of the earth (action limited by the paradigm). Today we operate from the Spherical Earth Paradigm and to that degree circumvent the limitation imposed by the old Flat Earth Paradigm.

Another example of a paradigm is the role of currency in our modern society. How many people believe they couldn't survive without money? Most people, yes? That is because it is an integral part of our current lifestyle paradigm. In truth, we can survive very well without money, as many people are starting to realise and explore. The concept of money was originally created to represent goods and services to allow us to trade more easily. It no longer is just that. Money has also become a commodity so, to that degree, it has become somewhat dysfunctional. Some other paradigms are religion, war, economics, marriage, politics and cultures.

A paradigm is an underlying, primary belief

A paradigm is created by first defining the vision and the experience desired

The two things that make a paradigm work are believing it and acting it out with total faith and trust, with no doubt whatsoever

When a paradigm is agreed upon by more than one person it becomes a consensus paradigm.

The whole world has entered a time of transition. Our whole society is literally in the process of switching from one paradigm to another. It is switching from the old win-lose way of living (old paradigm) to a new win-win way of life (new paradigm). It is important to realise paradigms cannot be mixed. You operate either from a win-lose system or a win-win system.

The jig-saw analogy will serve to explain the above concept:

If you can imaging a jig-saw puzzle with two sides to it each with totally different pictures, one on the top and one on the bottom you will understand that if you remove a piece from the completed puzzle and turn it over it would not fit. If you tried to make it fit you would have to use force, and that force would cause damage to the piece (analogous to pain, discomfort, disease). If you did manage to bash it in to place it wouldn't look right because it was part of a different picture. You could go on trying but it would never really fit.

The solution is to simply turn the piece over and then it just falls into place. Also it would be so obviously right and natural because, that is where it belongs. Likewise, each and every piece could be turned over and a whole new picture would be created from the same pieces that were totally unseen before.

Another example would be setting up a computer program to create a Word Processing format. Once installed, it will keep producing that format until it is erased or replaced with an alternative program. The word processing operator is not aware of the foundational program but simply functions by using it as a tool. To change the tool requires that the software program (paradigm) be changed. Alternatively, a whole new program (paradigm) can be created, for example, Windows 95 replacing Windows 3.1. In this case there is no attempt to change, or do anything with the old program, the new one simply replaces the old one. Notice, this doesn't invalidate the old program... the old one worked and worked well... but, the new one is more expanded and serves more purposes.

It is like that in life. Individuals who are now operating within the new Win-Win paradigm do not fit into the old Win-Lose system. When they attempt to, those operating in the old paradigm see them as weird and perhaps nutty.

Remember, until people are ready to make the change to the new paradigm, no amount of talk or logic will convince them that they should change. To them, everything they are doing is okay, and it is for who and what they are being and doing. But for you it is not, and you wonder why they cannot see it.

Understanding these principles can help individuals or groups transform unwanted realities to ones that they now prefer. So, the suggestion is that those of you who are operating from the new Win-Win harmony paradigm, and it is assumed if you are reading this you are, then all you need to do is "build the new picture".. In other words seek out other like minded people, associate with them, work with them, play with them and start creating this new way of life.