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As aspects of All-That-Is we all innately have TOTAL free-will. We always have, and always will. As a result, we are always 100% in control of our lives and our creations but not always consciously. We can create the illusion that we are not in control – and for very good reason, as is explained below. What follows in this book is expressed through these understandings. The concept of free-will is referred to and reiterated time and time again to remind you, the reader, that we are, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving spiritual beings that are simply having a human experience as part of our eternal-selves. Through free-will, we chose this exploration of negativity and limitations but forgot that we did so we could experience it. Many of us are now becoming aware we made that choice and will soon start experiencing many on-going benefits that go hand-in-hand with this new and positive exploration.

Just as individuals have free-will so do collective consciousnesses. This is not a concept our society normally recognises because we have been exploring the notion of “being an individual� (a one) and not being “a collective� – an ALL (see Part Two below). Never-the-less collective consciousness entities do exist and do have free-will just as we do as individuals.


Integral, oneness, wholeness, All-That-Is are all concepts that are to do with integrity. Integrity is the recognition and understanding that if we are aware that everything is the same-one-thing, and we are all part of it, then we can see we have everything we need to be anything we want, without having to hurt ourselves or anyone else in order to do it. We do not have to force our opinions upon anyone else, we do not have to dominate anyone else to get what we think we deserve.

Integration in simple terms means re-combining with the whole. In the context that it is specifically meant here, is the process of re-connecting the conscious and unconscious portion of ourselves into one whole consciousness. Or to be more precise, un-doing or removing the illusion of separation and segregation. In the process of separation we created the illusion that we compartmentalised ourselves into parts. We have created the notion of a conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious, super-conscious minds and emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies and for convenience of communication we will continue to use these colloquial terms.

In truth we are a total being, not a collection of parts. We are now in the process of re-integrating all of these parts. Our exploration of separation has allowed us to view them all in isolation, which has been a totally valid and wonderful experience. But that experience is now ending, it has been accomplished so there is no need to go on with it. The idea of a subconscious or unconscious segment of ourselves was created so we had somewhere to put the portions of ourselves that we did not want to look at or acknowledge. Our fears, our pains, our doubts, our angers, our guilts, our judgements and our denials. We are now bringing them all up to the surface and forcing ourselves to face, embrace and re-integrate them. Also remember, the multiverse is one whole multi-dimensital picture. We have been in the process of separating and dissecting every little portion we could in order to understand more of the All-That-Is that we are. Many of us are now ending that cycle and are on our path back to the whole – a path of re-integration.

Please understand, it is not about throwing “unwanted pieces� away, trying to get rid of them, for there is no-where to get rid of anything to, because it is all us anyway. Even if we could get rid of them we would have an awful problem, because we could never rebuild our whole-selves with missing parts. Remember, existence cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed into another form. That's what we do when we re-integrate these parts. We look at them, express what we truly feel about them, see how they have served us and then let them be the way they are. We then see them in a positive light, without judgement, without denial, and bingo; they are transformed. We may do this so swiftly we may not even be aware of doing it. As we transform ourselves by this integration process, we also automatically start to re-integrate with our mass consciousness in a more conscious way.

It could be mentioned here that the process of integration is occurring all over the world, in all walks of life. What some people refer to as the Aquarian Age or New Age is a recognition of just a small portion of what is going on. There is much more to this than most realise. This will be discussed in more detail below.


All situations are intrinsically neutral and have no built-in meaning.

How we experience any given situation is the result of the meaning we assign to that situation – either, positive or negative. If we apply a positive meaning to a neutral situation, we will experience a positive effect. If we apply a negative meaning, we will experience a negative effect, period. Said in another way, “Don't grieve that your roses have thorns. Rejoice instead that your thorns have roses!"

When we experience situations negatively it is because we are taught to believe that that's the way it is and therefore we assign the negative meaning to the neutral situation so fast, and so automatically, that we don't even realise what we’ve done.

Knowing this principle now gives us the opportunity to assign positive meanings to situations to which we previously assigned negative ones – we thus experience life in the way we now prefer. However, it is acknowledged that learning to “live this principle� may take some time, and therefore it is suggested that we allow ourselves (and others) the right to take that time – without judgement.